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  • [Company News] The extraordinary 2022 -- Yan Chuang's footprints can also flash
    The journey is full of vigour, and the heavy task is to fight again. 2022 is an extraordinary year. Due to repeated epidemics and unpredictable international environmental impact, we are facing severe challenges in the development process; However, with the trust and support of new and old customers
  • [Company News] Yanchuang Technology two machine two stream CCM, send to Hongtuo again.
    Recently, the R8 meter continuous casting machine designed and produced by Fujian Xinyanchuang Technology Co., Ltd. for Fujian Hongtuo has been successfully completed and delivered.
  • [Company News] Under the epidemic prevention and control, the Sunday of Yanchuang Technology
    Compared with the continuous rainy weather in the past few days, today's cloudy weather seems to be more warm, but it still makes people feel warm and cold. In the late autumn, the industrial town below Fuzhou is not a bit bleak and desolate. The autumn wind has not swept away the fallen leaves. Und
  • [Company News] The meaning of travel A record of Yanchuang Technology's Autumn Wuyi trip in 2022
    Corporate culture is the soul and essence of an enterprise, the driving force and source of enterprise development, and promotes the smooth realization of the common goals of the enterprise. In order to promote the corporate culture construction of Fujian Xinyanchuang Technology Co., Ltd., enrich th
  • [Company News] Function upgrades again and the manipulator moves forward towards China North Industry
    As a knock-out product of Fuzhou Yanchuang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., the induction furnace manipulator has been accepted by a lot of customers on the market through many years’ development and upgrade. The original intention of design is to reduce the working strength of hearth operators a
  • [Company News] Supporting 40 tons of intermediate frequency furnace feeding truck manipulator, sailing in the Middle East
    In recent years, Yanchuang Technology has been committed to the research and exploration of how to perfectly connect the charging vehicle and the manipulator in the field of induction furnace , make the whole smelting process more smooth, and maximize the space and labor consumption of the furnace p
  • [Company News] The matched machines for 12T induction furnace,ship to Malaysia
    12T induction furnace tapping cars,hydraulic scrap charging cars and manipulator,shipped to Malaysia steel company
  • [Company News] The travel of induction furnace manipulator after Spring Festival,to Delong Group again
    After the Start of the Chinese Spring Festival, the second batch of induction furnace scrap manipulator produced by Fujian Xin Yanchuang Technology Co., Ltd. for the production base of Delong Group was sent to Jiangsu again.
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