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Supporting 40 tons of intermediate frequency furnace feeding truck manipulator, sailing in the Middle East

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In recent years, Yanchuang Technology has been committed to the research and exploration of how to perfectly connect the charging vehicle and the manipulator in the field of induction furnace , make the whole smelting process more smooth, and maximize the space and labor consumption of the furnace platform.


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For the scrap steel used in the production of different induction furnace, Yanchuang Technology carefully arranged, designed and produced several sets of 40 ton induction furnace scrap charging vehicles and manipulators for a steel plant in the Middle East, which were successfully completed, loaded to Fuzhou port. In this process selection, on the one hand, the scrap is accurately fed to the furnace through the charging vehicle, on the other hand, the simultaneous work of the manipulator will greatly save the scrap smelting time. The whole process enables workers to work away from the furnace mouth completely, and they can cooperate to complete the furnace work in the operation room.


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Today, Fujian Xin Yanchuang Technology Co., Ltd. has been exploring new technologies suitable for different customers to meet the production needs of customers. Adhering to the enterprise tenet of "scientific and technological innovation, strict quality control and efficient service", Yanchuang technology, environmental protection, desulfurization, denitration and dust removal, intelligent metallurgical machinery and equipment and other products have made great strides into many foreign steel enterprises and are deeply welcomed by foreign friends.


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