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Function upgrades again and the manipulator moves forward towards China North Industry

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As a knock-out product of Fuzhou Yanchuang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., the induction furnace manipulator has been accepted by a lot of customers on the market through many years’ development and upgrade. The original intention of design is to reduce the working strength of hearth operators and increase the furnace-men’s safety factor. Meanwhile, it greatly improves the smelting efficiency and becomes indispensable single equipment for many induction furnace steel mills.


Picture1 Intermediate frequency furnace manipulator


Picture2 Intermediate frequency furnace manipulator


Picture3 Intermediate frequency furnace manipulator


Picture4 Intermediate frequency furnace manipulator

The induction furnace manipulator was firstly used to replace the function of poking and compacting material manually to prevent bridging in the induction furnace. Gradually, its function was expanded to other fields. Due to its rigorous design of structural mechanics, a log of investors applied it to steel mill and other fields, and thus ladle cold steel manipulator, cinder scraping manipulator, deslagging manipulator as well as long-nozzle manipulator were derived from it.

The non-standard customized manipulator delivered to North Heavy Industry is mainly used for material compaction and deslagging in the furnace. To some extent, it can improve the smelting efficiency of induction furnace and at the same time adhere to the waste residues produced during the smelting and remove them. In this way, it can reduce the danger of furnace-men’s operation and cut down the production cost of follow-up processes.

Yanchuang Technology series products, mainly environmental protection flue gas, waste water treatment and metallurgical machinery equipment.At present, induction furnace manipulator produced by the company has been used in deslagging, cinder scraping and other fields.Ladle cold steel pushingmanipulator, charging vehicle, portal hook for ladle, tapping car, electrical automation and complete sets of hydraulic equipment, have been sold to all provinces and cities throughout China,and exported to Iraq, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand and more than 20 countries, favored by the majority of users!


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