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Vibrating Feeding Car


Product Description

Main feature

(1) The loading capacity is large, and the suitable silo can be matched according to the size of the furnace.

(2) Under the action of the inclined vibration motor, the vibration conveyor produces forward and upward components, and there is no strict requirement on the size of scrap.

(3) The vibration motor has reliable structure, long service life, convenient maintenance and low

(4) The tank body is welded with special alloy steel electrode, which has high strength and long service life.

(5) The frame of the whole car is mostly made of H steel with good rigidity and reasonable reliability.

(6) The lower part of the discharge port of the vibrating conveying tank is made of heat-resistant stainless steel plate, and the middle part is provided with heat insulation rubber pad to reduce the heat oxidation corrosion of the discharge port. The tank is made of double-layer steel plate with sound-absorbing plate in the middle. The steel plate is attached and connected with countersunk head screw for easy removal and replacement.



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