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R6.5 meter 3 strands CCM,send to Indonesia

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Recently, The 6.5-meter continuous casting machine designed and produced by Fujian Xin Yanchuang Technology Co.,Ltd. for the general manager of Indonesia Great Wall Iron and Steel had been successfully produced.After one week of day and night loading, it will ship to Indonesia with our best quality service soon.

What is more, The installation and commissioning engineera of Yanchuang Technology have already flown to the customer site for preliminary preparation. We will help the customer complete preparation work before the arrival of the CCM, so that the equipment can be put into production quickly after entering the factory.


Picture1 Withdrawal and straightening machine


Picture1 Mould


Picture3 Tensile steel machine


Picture4 Front cutting table


Picture5 Ladle turret rotary

This set of 6.5 meter full arc high efficiency continuous casting machine is designed and produced with 50 tons of electric arc furnace. It is used to produce square billets and rectangular billets with sections of 150*150mm, 165*225mm and 165*280mm and lengths of 6~12 meters. And it adopts four-bar linkage vibration form and five-rollers continuous straightening method, the design pulling speed reaches to 4.2 meters per min, and the annual operation rate reaches more than 85%.  This set of continuous casting machine not only has the characteristics of high productivity, high speed, high operation rate and high billet quality, but also meets the specific conditions of steelmaking plant and meets the matching requirements of furnace and machine.


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