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Scrap Steel Melting Induction Furnace Steelmaking Manipulator


Product Description

1. Mainly used in iron and steelworks and foundry medium frequency furnace induction furnace or ladle refining furnace steelmaking workshop, installed on the edge of the furnace

2. The larger volume of scrap steel or the lighter material with partial blockage can be easily compacted, which makes the volume of scrap steel shrink rapidly and the compactness increase, thus improving the energy conversion and greatly improving the smelting efficiency of lF.

3. It can sweep scrap steel and packaged compacts around induction furnace (about 2-3 tons per large compact) into the furnace body quickly and flexibly which can solve the problem of low efficiency and high danger of manual treatment when the material block is stuck in the furnace body.

4. Long-distance remote control operation, so that the operator away from the hearth area,to solve the

hearth high temperature (about 1500℃ temperature radiation) labor intensity and potential safety hazards, greatly reducing the occurrence of casualties among workers.

5. When the workshop is busy andinconvenient to hoist, the fireproof material and other materials can behoisted by the manipulator in front ofthe furnace.



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